Faculty Events

Yarmouk is hosting the annual conference of the student branch of the Society IEEE

Yarmouk University hosted the annual conference of the student branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE in Jordan in the presence of Dean Hijjawi Faculty of Engineering University Dr. Bassam war, President Aqaba University of Technology president of IEEE branch in Jordan Dr Ghaith Abandah. And Dr war speech in which he stressed the university's keenness to support the students' extracurricular activities in various scientific, cultural and social forms, pointing out... Read More

Yarmouk continue celebrations of the graduation of the regiment seventh and thirty students

Continued Yarmouk University celebrations graduation cohort thirty-seventh of the second semester of the academic year 2015/2016 graduates, where he celebrated the faculties of Economics and Administrative Sciences, and Hijjawi technological engineering, information technology and computer science, and Sharia and Islamic Studies graduation distinct constellation of graduates. And he gave a group of students words at the ceremony on behalf of the graduates thanked the family of Yarmouk... Read More

Academic Leadership Excellence complex organizes a workshop for Entrepreneurship

Academic leadership compound of Excellence at Yarmouk University organized a workshop on Entrepreneurship in collaboration with Orange Jordan Company for a number of students in the complex, five-day trip. The workshop which trained Hanan Khader from "Hello World Kids" Foundation lectured a group of examples of entrepreneurship, and how the idea sequence, developed and marketed to compete in obtaining support and turn it into an emerging company, the workshop included a practical application to... Read More