Distinguished Projects

People, particularly Arab students  have recently suffered lack the knowledge of building Arabic word templates and forms and exert a big effort to use them correctly according to their proper... Read More
Make your own FM Station with low cost Raspberry Pi ,this is the main idea of our project, with our android application ,that enable you record your voice and send it to the Raspberry Pi which... Read More
Sign-language translator is a 3D android application that helps to communicate with deaf people so, it facilitates the communication. Also, the Application helps anyone who wants to learn sign... Read More
Our project is a windows phone application that provides way fast and reliable dissemination of events to the largest possible number of persons within a certain range using GPS. Any person or... Read More
Brian-Computer-Interface (BCI) is a direct communication pathway between external devices and brain, in which electrical signal is emerged from human scalp containing some information about what... Read More