Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question

Q1: Is the student is obliged to abide by the proposed plan of study in five years?

Q2: Is it advisable to take the major courses during the summer seasons?

Q3: How can the student raise the academic outcome in spite of a large number of courses and associated laboratories?

Q4: What is the university academic calendar?

Q5:What is the University ID? What does it show?

Q6:What is the academic year?

Q7:What is the Credit Hour?

Q8:What is the study plan?

Q9:What are the basement exams? (for undergraduate students)?

Q10:What are the e-services?

Q11:How do I register for my semester?

Q12:What is the maximum and minimum for registration?

Q13:What is the pre-requisite course?

Q14:What happens if I do not attend my lectures?

Q15:What is the grading system at the university?

Q16: What is the semester GPA? How do I calculate it?

Q17: What is the cumulative GPA? How do I calculate it?

Q18: Is it permissible to postpone the study at the university?

Q19: Where can I do my hobbies?

Q20:What is the current cost of tuition of the undergraduate program?

Q21: What are the job oriented courses that can benefit the graduates of the Electrical Power Engineering Department?

Q22: Where a power engineering graduate can find a job?

Q23: Do the Electrical Power Engineering Department offer a Graduate Program?