Funded Projects

Transferring E-Business Fundamentals to Syrian Refugees (TEFSR) program aims to provide Syrian refugees with the necessary skills to start and operate e-commerce businesses using latest open source tools and web technologies. These skills are essential to allow refugees to pursue several web and commerce related higher-education (HE) degrees in both ICT and economic colleges, or/and obtain professional certificates and start their own businesses.
PFISR aims to provide Syrian refugees with the fundamental and necessary ICT skills that paves the way for them to pursue ICT-related degrees in higher education (HE), to receive internationally accredited professional certificates, and to establish their own small businesses in ICT field. 
Project Objectives: The goals of this project are as follows: Design an integrated smart PV-powered lighting system with components. Reduce the building and street lighting costs at Yarmouk University new and old campuses. Milestones and expected result: The expected outcome of this project is to achieve significant reduction in electricity bill of Yarmouk University by:  storing PV energy in batteries and using this free energy during night, and integrating... Read More
Project Objectives: Simulating the genetic toggle switch using RLC circuit helps to understand the mechanism of biological circuits and solving ODEs using hardware solvers instead of software solvers and with further research we might able to replace the work of faulty genes or a faulty protein properly by a hardware device that increase or decrease the amount of a gene expression.   Milestones and expected result: Proposing a hardware simulation for the genetic toggle switch... Read More