I. General Information

(To be filled by the student)

A.The Student:

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  2. :
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  6. :

B. The Training Establishment:

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  2. :
  3. :
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C.Student’s Attendance:

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II. Skills and Behavior

(To be filled by the Field Training Supervisor)





Criteria for Evaluation

(Tick where applicable)

Level of Achievement



V. Good










50% )

1. His/Her attendance and punctuality

2. His/Her involvement in social events of the company/establishment

3. Ability to adapt to the work environment and understand the nature of activities in the company/establishment

4. His/Her appreciation to security and safety rules and level of commitment to them

5. Ability to comprehend and respond to the directions of the training supervisor

6. Ability to understand the others’ point of view and communicate his to others

7. Ability to fit himself in the team

8. His/Her self-initiative and autonomy

9. Ability to properly apply gained theoretical knowledge and his/her willingness to get more

10. Ability to accomplish given tasks within the specified timetable

11. His/Her manual skills

(assembling, maintenance, installation)

12. His/Her skills in preparing sketches and engineering plans for a given idea

Table continues

13. His/Her computer and programming skills

(Software and hardware)

14. His/Her creativity, originality and imagination

15. Ability to conduct research and efficiently use the available resources

16. Interest and usefulness of the work for the establishment

17. His/Her overall quality of work

18. General quality of the student’s report

(Contents, syntax, presentation, literature survey)

19. Global appraisal (Tick one)

20. An overall grade from 100%

III. Other Criteria and Observations Worth to be Mentioned

         (not listed previously)

           (To be filled by the Field Training Supervisor)