• March , 2016
  • Sara Mohammad Assaf, Aroub Issam Qwasmeh, Mais mohammad albataineh
  • Computer Engineering Department

Our project is an android application that helps the user to make a block for specific calls and with particular time. Also, when application blocks the call, it will make an auto reply for the contact which are blocking by sending pre defined message. We develop this project to reduce annoying calls that face the user in personal life or in work space. The annoying calls indicate:

1- Not important calls that come in working hours or in meeting hours.

2- Annoying calls that come from anonymous numbers.

Auto reply can give the user an opportunity to block all calls that are coming, and this is a great service when he / she need it. The application also provides a service that allows the user to make a phone general for specific numbers when the state of mobile phone is silent.