• July , 2016
  • Suhad Mohammad Al-Issa
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  • Computer Engineering Department

People, particularly Arab students  have recently suffered lack the knowledge of building Arabic word templates and forms and exert a big effort to use them correctly according to their proper morphological structure and diacritical marks. However, such lack of knowledge regarding Arabic morphology has greatly led to making many grammatical and semantic mistakes resulting in the change of the intended meaning due to the fact that Arabic is considered to be morphologically rich language.
This work emphasizes the importance and effectiveness of wording and inflection in expressing accurate meanings and removing the mistakes that occur when forming words.
Therefore, I introduce Morphological Balance as an application that helps in knowing the wording, inflection and derivation of the Arabic words.
 Morphological Balance has come as an application that helps school students to increase their desire to learn Arabic and love its culture.