The idea was generated in the middle of 2015 by students from the electronics department to be the first magazine of its kind,which is published in the paper form and electronic form in Hijjawi College that carries scientific articles that benefit the engineering student and be a platform for the dissemination of the creations of students and encourage their talents and passions of art and drawing and painting and writing poetry and thoughts and others.

For any questions or suggestions, and distinctive your contributions, please contact us via e-mail magazine:
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Yazeed Damra, Editing Manager

Mojahed Tahhan, Graphic Designer

Motaz Bany-amer, Member of the editorial board

Mahmoud Nabeel, Member of the editorial board

Rama Alkhateeb, Member of the editorial board

Shatha Ghbari, Member of the editorial board

Afnan Ebrahim, Member of the editorial board


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