The department of architectural engineering at Yarmouk University was established in 2013 as one of Al Hijjawi faculty’s departments. The department offers a Bachelor degree of Science in Engineering Technology with a major in Architectural Engineering. Since its establishment, the department with its staff have aimed at preparing its student to be creative architects and distinguished with their innovative abilities. Additionally, the educational curriculum at our department has been strived to meet up with the current need of the Jordanian context, fulfilling its society recent situations, and following up with international development in general. Vision: In 2018, the department had 290 students ranging from first year to fifth year students. A good quality of teaching environment and developing students’ architectural identity is our vision and what we are promoting for in our department. We also pursue to have a distinctive identity in our education and research environment.






  •  prepare creative architects so that they become superior in different aspects of architectural practice.
  •  Upgrade and develop the curriculum according to the global requirements and transformations.
  •  Strengthen the cooperation between the graduates, the department, and the local community.


Program Educational Objectives

  • Learn the different design methodologies.
  • Prepare creative designers with conscious for the scientific and technological developments.
  • Enhance the critical thinking and analytical techniques.
  • Explore multiple ways to present and display the architectural works .
  • The use of multimedia tools.
  • Experience new ways of learning.
  • Integrate knowledge from multiple disciplines.
  • Encourage lifelong learning, promoting teamwork and enhancing communication skills among students.
  • Prepare high professional specialists designers with, able to keep up with scientific and technological developments.
  • Communicate with the community to meet its needs in the field of architecture and design.
  • Promote the exchange of experiences with academic and professional institutions in the design field worldwide.
  • Stimulate the teaching staff and students on scientific research and continuing education.
  • Establish professional ethics and principles of practice among students.

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