The needs for a major in the field of civil engineering in Hijjawi Faculty for Engineering Technology at Yarmouk University are motivated by the need for bridging the gap between education outcomes in the areas of civil engineering and linking them with practical needs and requirements to meet with the goals of higher education. This enables students enrolled in this program to utilize and keep up with the technology and to explore the most important achievements in the field of civil engineering. This program contributes in creating a base for engineering talented students to develop and innovation engineering solutions in variety fields of civil engineering.

The Civil Engineering Department was established in 2012 and offers the Bachelor degree of Science in Engineering Technology with a major in Civil Engineering. The Civil Engineering program offers to options construction management and building technology. The department is led by 19 highly qualified faculty members in all disciplines of civil engineering. The department is furnished with (7) laboratories operated by (9) engineers. Each year (200 - 300) students are enrolled with, currently, (655) students in total. The department staff members have participated in many international and local scientific conferences. The faculty members perform scientific research in various fields such as materials, water and environment, soil, traffic engineering, traffic safety, and construction management.





Our mission is to contribute to the Advancement of the Community through:

  1. Providing high quality civil engineering education that enables the building up of competitive and creative engineers. 
  2. Advancing research that generates new solutions to enhance the quality of life and stimulate economic development and sustainability.


Program Educational Objectives

  • Preparing engineers with the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with developments in the field of civil engineering.
  • Preparing engineers capable of conducting scientific studies and research that contribute to addressing engineering problems.
  • Providing professional advice and services that contribute to community service.
  • Supplying the Jordanian, regional and international labor market with specialists who possess comprehensive scientific qualifications related to construction, management, design and formulation.

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