The Communication Engineering Department (CME) at Hijjawi Faculty for Engineering Technology/Yarmouk University was established in 1989. The Department offers programs of study leading to the Bachelor degree of Science in Engineering Technology with a major in Communication Engineering and Master of science in Wireless Communication Engineering. These programs are led by 22 highly qualified faculty members and attract outstanding students from Jordan and neighboring countries. The annual intake of the department is around 100 students.  Currently there are around 309 students in the BSc program and around 40 students in the MSc program. The department plays a vital role in providing the market of telecommunications industry in Jordan with high level engineering graduates.


The department offers an engineering program that focuses on both the theoretical and practical aspects of telecommunication engineering. Totaling 167 credit hours, we offer an engineering program that provides skills in the fundamental concepts of electrical engineering, mathematics, physical sciences, in addition to analog and digital communications. Specialized and advanced topics in telecommunications are also offered such as wireless communications, satellite communications, Microwave, antennas, data communication, computer networks, digital signal programming, etc. The program offers an Engineering degree equipped with the practical experiences necessary for success in telecommunications industry, government service, or graduate schools.

We have distinguished ourselves by offering a training program that provides our students with a live experience in leading companies in Jordan and abroad. A 4-month practical full-time training is required of all students and is worth 6 credit hours. Our training program enhances students’ employment opportunity and provides us with a strong industry tie. This program is monitored by our faculty members to ensure that our students acquire the required practical skills. Recent surveys and statistics from the market have shown that Hijjawi faculty graduates are enjoying excellent employment opportunities both in Jordan and abroad.

This program was changed/developed several times in the last 30 years. The department have undertaken a curriculum restructuring process since 2004, where the curriculum was reviewed and new components have been added in 2004, 2008, 2013 and finally in 2016 in order to follow the continuous advances introduced in telecommunication technology and the demand in the market.



Our vision is to become nationally and regionally recognized leader in telecommunications engineering research and education. We aspire to be a new model for telecommunications engineering education that is committed to the ideals of excellence. We envision capitalizing on our ties with the major telecommunication companies in Jordan to create and maintain educational and research collaborations of the highest quality. Through this and the continuous efforts to equip our students with superior skills, we also envision being in a leading position in the number of new hires for graduates in Jordan and the region.



The Department of Telecommunications Engineering offers an engineering program that focuses on both the theoretical and practical aspects of telecommunication engineering. Our mission is to:

  • Equip our students with the technical, professional, leadership, ethical and communication skills needed for a lifelong creativity in the telecommunication industry.
  • Offer our graduates the fundamental education in telecommunication engineering as well as the practical skills that prepares them for practical creativity in the telecommunication industry in Jordan and worldwide.
  • Develop partnerships with the telecommunication industry and government agencies.
  • Pursue creative research in telecommunication engineering that meets the needs of industry, government and society as well as the scientific community worldwide.
  • Serve the Jordanian society by educating the public about telecommunication technology through seminars, training courses and workshops and providing technical consulting for public and private organizations of the Jordanian society.



Program Educational Objectives

  • Are be able to practice communication engineering to serve local and international industries, and government.
  • Have the necessary background and technical skills to work professionally in the diverse areas of communication engineering.
  • Have teamwork, communication, and interpersonal skills to be productive in multidisciplinary environments with awareness of ethical and social responsibilities.
  • Enhance their skills through professional growth and development activities such as graduate study in engineering, science and business, continuing education, and/or involvement in professional societies.

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