The Department of Biomedical Systems and Informatics Engineering is the newest addition to the Faculty of Engineering at Yarmouk University. It has been established in 2007. It offers a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Systems and Informatics Engineering. The department is expected to play a vital role in providing Jordan and the region with competencies in one of the most crucial sciences due to the importance of medicine and Bio informatics in our Life and to our health.


The Department's vision is based on graduating a class of independent engineers who enjoy the confidence and creativity. They will have the ability to work in a multidisciplinary environment designed to improve health care delivery in Jordan and have the ability to assume responsibility and maintain high ethical standards.

The department built its vision based on a careful planning, excellent teaching, scientific research, theoretical and practical, effective productivity, and extensive activities to establish sustainable partnerships with major professional bodies, regional hospitals, and other providers of health care services that include homeland, the region, and the international community. This vision is based on the existence of a practical training program with the highest quality and credibility, which is governed according to sound regulations, instructions and standards. These best practices have proved efficient conduct and linked to the values added to the trainee and the enterprises. It also is based on striving to improve the quality of the research activities of faculty members to be relevant to the requirements and needs of the market and meet the qualitative excellence in scientific research locally and regionally. Besides, based on the directions of the department, it will build strong foundations of dialogue and democratic actions between professors and students to enable their creativity and being messengers of positive scientific change. The department will preserve the relationship established with the graduates for the formation of a strong network of experienced engineers who interact with their department and contribute to the enrichment of school plans, and department's programs. To follow the requirements of the industry, and be able to serve the university and the local community, the feedback of the department's Industrial Advisory Board will be regularly reflected in its study plans and training programs



The mission of the Biomedical systems and Informatics engineering Department is to graduate engineers who have theoretical, empirical, practical experience, knowledge, innovation, and the ability to design, to implement, and to identify in depth the latest arts and creativity in the theory of engineering and its applications to Biomedical Systems Engineering and Biomedical Informatics Engineering. 
In this context, we expect the followings from our graduates:

  • Capacity for innovation and creativity, and continue to learn to resolve issues of an engineering assembly.
  • Work effectively and in the spirit of team work in addition to networking, and professional growth, and to provide leadership in engineering and management.
  • Ability to serve the labor market with quality and high standard of professional ethics and professionalism. Furthermore, they should be able to improve the working environment and the development of institutional and technical capacity of employees.
  • Ability to conduct scientific research and distinctive contribution to the enrichment of human creativity and innovations in the fields of their studies.
  • Ability to complete postgraduate specialization in the areas of their studies in excellent worldwide universities and pass its proficiency examinations by distinction and professionalism.
  • Initiate the entrepreneurship culture and leadership among themselves, their families, and their communities to effectively contribute in the development process of their nation.

The department is aware that this mission can be achieved only by its capability to provide innovative teaching, positive interaction between students and their educational environment, and the proximity of the members of the faculty with student's aspirations, to literally apply regulations, instructions, and quality control of the practical field training and its standards, and the quality of scientific laboratories and its observance of the directions of the study plan and the requirements and needs of industry. Furthermore the department needs to establish genuine partnerships with main components of production including professional institutions and task forces and the ability to have an advisory council who is able to provide industrial expertise and proper nutrition to achieve the vision and mission of the department.




The department is currently working with the Department of Electronics Engineering at Yarmouk University to develop a master program in electronic medical systems engineering which will be the first in the country in this field.

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