Civil Engineering is one of the major engineering disciplines that has a vital role in urban development process where it takes care of development of human life in line with its needs. Civil Engineering involves designing, constructing, and maintaining different engineering projects such as buildings, bridges, tanks, dams, roads, drinking water networks and waste water treatment. Also, it takes care of designing and management of different transport systems, different water resources and waste water treatment and re-usage dealing with cost analysis and different construction techniques.

 Civil Engineering Department in Hijjawi College of Engineering Technology in Yarmouk University was established with the beginning of 2nd  semester of year 2011/2012 to offer bachelor degree in civil engineering. The program aims to raise the ability of graduates to fit the local external job market and help them to gain the communication and team work skills in construction management to reach a complete success in project in terms of management, design, implementation and usage. The course plan includes areas in construction and project management, software’s usage, design, modern testing technology, building codes knowledge, quantities surveying and project economy.

 In the beginning of school academic year 2012/2013, the new program civil engineering building technology was established to provide qualified engineers in the area of implementing international standards in building systems, in order to develop the technical and scientific concepts in this area. The graduates of this program are distinguished from their peers in structure engineering in that their study plan focuses on integrated building systems that include building and engineering. Design, besides designing building services system like electrical systems of lighting, Ac and heating systems, natural and artificial lighting system. The plan includes also other courses in building technology. Such as energy cons in buildings, controlling system in building, special system of health care buildings, solar system in building and environmental building system.

 The number of laboratories in the department of Civil Engineering are 6 laboratories in various fields of civil engineering. The number of students involved currently is about 1006 students, also the number of credit hours needed to graduate are 167 credit hours.







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