The Department of Computer Engineering at Yarmouk University was established in 1993 and offers both Bachelor and Master of Science in Computer Engineering. Special emphasis has been given to the department curriculum to stay up to date with the rapidly changing computer engineering field. The curriculum includes numerous general and specialized courses, four-month in-field industrial practical training (co-op), and two-term graduation project. This prepares our graduates to quickly enroll in the job market.

The computer engineering department offers two special MS programs in embedded systems and industrial automation. Embedded system students are exposed to state of technology in Real-Time Operating Systems, Hardware Programming Languages and Embedded Systems Implementation. The Industrial automation program is an inter-disciplinary program that integrates Industrial, Electrical, Computer Science, Control, and Communication Technologies. The program is designed to help in building important technologies in industrial automation and to generate competencies for the growing demand by the region's growing automated manufacturing industries.

A staff of 24 faculty members and 11 engineers and a technician serve about 430 undergraduates and about 40 graduates. Hence more, the department is sponsoring more than 2 students who are currently pursuing Ph.D. degrees in computer engineering in Europe and the US.



Towards Computer Engineering Department being one of the exclusive sections in Jordan and the region by providing a learning environment that uses effective teaching and learning student-centered strategies with freedom and inclusiveness, and to focus on the technical side in the study plans, by focusing on strengthening the leadership and communication skills among students to enable them after graduation to assume leadership roles in the IT sector in Jordan and the region.



Provide students with scientific and mathematical knowledge, software and technology for the design of devices and tools for computer by a latest scientific and technological developments study plan. It also includes a focus on developing the skills of analysis and design of key components of modern computer hardware and systems-based applications on the computer.  In addition, we seek to enhance the skills and practical experience of students through field training in factories and related companies.


Program Educational Objectives

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