The needs for a bachelor program in the field of electronics engineering in Hijjawi Faculty for Engineering Technology at Yarmouk University are motivated by the need for bridging the gap between education outcomes in the areas of electronics engineering and linking them with practical needs and requirements to meet with the goals of higher education. This enables students enrolled in this program to utilize and keep up with the technology and to explore the most important achievements in the field of electronics engineering. This program contributes in creating a base for engineering talented students to develop and innovation engineering solutions in variety fields of electronics.

The Electronics Engineering Department was established in 1993 and offers the Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering. The department is led by 13 highly qualified faculty members in all disciplines of electronics engineering. The department is furnished with (9) laboratories operated by (4) engineers. Each year (60 - 80) students are enrolled with, currently, (265) students in total. The department staff members have participated in many international and local scientific conferences. The faculty members perform scientific research in various fields such as microelectronics, sensors electronic, digital signal processing, medical applications, electronics, optical and accurate.



The vision of the Electronics Engineering Department is to provide a program of the highest quality to become a nationally and internationally leading institution and to produce leader engineers who can address the challenges of the new century, work in multi-disciplinary settings and excel at an international level.



The mission of the Electronics Engineering Department is to serve as a department of excellence in teaching and research in the various fields of electronics engineering with an aim to provide Jordan and the region with engineers who have solid theoretical and practical background with innovative knowledge, design capability and awareness of the state of the art in electronics systems and to engage in partnerships with industrial, professional and public institutions.


Program Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of the program are to graduate individuals who:

  • Can define and develop creative solutions to problems that arise within the field of Electronics Engineering.
  • Use the techniques, skills, and modem electrical engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.
  • Is sensitive to environmental issues as well as issues pertaining to universal and professional ethics while conducting their professional work.
  • Is aware of the importance of life-long learning and is able to follow and contribute to the recent developments in the field.
  • Is effective in oral and written communication and is eager for teamwork.
  • Will be able to function in national/international/multi-cultural corporations and organizations.

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