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The department was established in 2013 to award the bachelor's degree in industrial engineering. Using its laboratories, the department offers a wide range of practical courses to its undergraduate students; the undergraduate curriculum is continually updated to keep it in-line with the continuous development in engineering technology. Currently, the department admits about 60 students per year, and the total number of students enrolled is about 364. Faculty members are currently conducting research in various fields of Renewable Energy, Microelectronics, Data Analysis and Processing, Quality Control and Reliability, Structural Health Monitoring, Modeling and Optimization, Supply Chain Management, Automotive Technology, Design of Experiments. Their research results were published and presented in a number of international journals and conferences.



  • provide students with innovative learning.
  • help them to achieve excellence during their study.
  • prepare them to become successful leaders throughout their careers and professions.



  • Provide good qualities of teaching, research, and professional practice.
  • Educate students at the undergraduate level of industrial engineering in the fields of engineering management as well Industrial production and manufacturing.
  • Provide services to industry and local society.



  • Have the technical expertise necessary to model and solve problems, and to integrate elements of systems in industry, government and services with understanding of professional ethics.
  • Be effective team members with high abilities to communicate ideas orally and in writing.
  • Contribute to society through activities of community service with concern for social ethics, values and diversity.
  • Continue to develop personally and professionally through the participation in professional societies and continuing learning.
  • Cope with changes and uncertainties in the local and global market and develop action plans to tackle to date and anticipated issues.
  • Contribute to knowledge through discovery, research and the better application of technology in their areas of practice and/or interest.

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