The Electronics Engineering Department was established in 1993 and offers the Bachelor degree of Science in Engineering Technology with a major in Electronics Engineering. The department is led by 13 highly qualified faculty members in all disciplines of electronics engineering. The department is furnished with (9) laboratories operated by (4) engineers. Each year (60 - 80) students are enrolled with, currently, (265) students in total. The department staff members have participated in many international and local scientific conferences. The faculty members perform scientific research in various fields such as microelectronics, sensors electronic, digital signal processing, medical applications, electronics, optical and accurate.






Program Educational Objectives

  • Our graduates can have successful careers in both the industry and government and can represent national, regional, and international entities and inspire their teams to succeed.
  • Our graduates will overcome contemporary real-life problems by using scientific and engineering knowledge.
  • Professionals of ethical and social consciousness who fit well with their communities and multidisciplinary teams.
  • Our graduates will participate in lifelong learning to learn and advance their careers through activities such as involvement in professional organizations, professional qualifications, and graduate studies, as well as engineering research and development.
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