The Electrical Power Engineering (EPE) Department was established in 1993 and offers the Bachelor degree of Science in Engineering Technology with a major in Electrical Power Engineering.  The department plays a vital role in providing Jordan and the region with qualified electrical power engineers. The department program focuses on both the theoretical and practical aspects of power engineering by addressing the fundamental concepts of engineering mathematics, physical sciences, electrical machines, power electronics, power system analysis, and high voltage engineering. The department also offers a Masters program in power engineering to cater for working professionals in electric power companies, utilities, manufacturing establishments and the energy sector in Jordan. The department is led by 16 highly qualified faculty members and attracts outstanding students from Jordan and neighboring countries. Currently there are 500 students of which approximately 5 percent are from outside Jordan.



To be distinguished locally, regionally, and globally as a leading department in education and graduating qualified students capable of competition, scientific research, and community service in the areas of electric power technology. Moreover, to provide engineering programs and services of high quality and be in line of technological development



Achieving the needs of the Jordanian community and the region and contribute to the progress of society by offering programs in Electrical Power Engineering of high quality in education, community services, and scientific research through the development of high-level graduates who fit the needs of the labor market. Graduates should be able to compete in solving society and industry problems and to develop a leading research to solve the energy problem in Jordan. Moreover, graduates should be able to contribute to improve the quality of life, advance economic development, and sustainable development.


Program Educational Objectives

  • Preparation of qualified graduates with a bachelor's degree in Electrical Power Engineering and providing them with a broad base of information in the field of specialization.
  • Preparation of students personally and technically, and improve their clerical skills to qualify them to enter the labor market.
  • Qualify students to carry out administrative, technical, and executive roles as electric power engineers in generation sectors, transmission sector, distribution sector, electrical machinery, and power electronics.
  • Prepare student appropriately to pursue higher education and advanced scientific research in the areas of electric power engineering.
  • Keep students updated with new industrial technologies and technological developments in various fields of electric power engineering.
  • Develop student's industrial sense and their ability to choose and experiment by focusing on the practical aspects that affect human life directly and accomplish some practical projects during the study period.
  • Prepare students for the market through field training course to be able to participate effectively in the future development of Jordan's plans.
  • Prepare graduates effectively to solve problems related to energy and sustainable development in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
  • Prepare students to solve engineering problems in the field of generation and distribution, transmission, and energy storage, and to find solutions and alternatives evaluation of these alternatives.
  • Use the best advanced tools to propose effective solutions in the design of energy systems.
  • Prepare student to understand, analyze, and design electrical power system.
  • Ability to identify social, economic, and environmental related issues in the areas of electric power engineering.
  • Provide qualified graduates in the disciplines of Electrical Power Engineering to contribute to the implementation of comprehensive development plans.
  • Contribute alongside other university faculties to improve the academic research and community service, particularly focusing on productivity and maximize the added values.
  • Create a scientific partnership with the relevant authorities in Jordan or abroad in order to identify innovations era in the educational process in the engineering and technical field.

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