The department of Electrical Power Engineering was established at Yarmouk University in 1993 and offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Technology with a major in Electrical Power Engineering. The department plays a vital role in providing Jordan and the region with qualified electrical power engineers. The bachelor program focuses on both the theoretical and practical aspects of power engineering by addressing the fundamental concepts of engineering mathematics, physical sciences, electrical machines, power electronics, power systems analysis, distribution systems, smart grids, renewable energies, and high voltage engineering. The program curriculum is updated on a regular basis to accommodate the new technologies and developments in the power engineering field. The current curriculum includes two-term graduation projects and four-month in-field practical training at companies or factories related to electrical power engineering. Our curriculum is built to prepare outstanding graduates who have the ability to professionally enroll in their future careers.

The department also offers a Master of Science program majored in electrical power engineering. The program provides emphasis during the coursework and research requirements on advanced issues related to power engineering such as optimization, optimal control, artificial intelligence, renewable energy, smart grids, microgrids, distributed generation, energy storage technologies, power electronics, machines, and drive systems. The program is considered one of the leading sources of working professionals in electric power companies, utilities, manufacturing establishments, and the energy sector in Jordan.

The department is led by highly qualified faculty members and attracts outstanding students from Jordan and neighboring countries.

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