Yarmouk University hosted the annual conference of the student branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE in Jordan in the presence of Dean Hijjawi Faculty of Engineering University Dr. Bassam war, President Aqaba University of Technology president of IEEE branch in Jordan Dr Ghaith Abandah.
And Dr war speech in which he stressed the university's keenness to support the students' extracurricular activities in various scientific, cultural and social forms, pointing out that the college seeks to motivate students and support them to participate in such activities that develop their skills and enhance their ability to create and innovate, and enhance communication with the technical and scientific expertise and translation strategic plan of the University aimed at preparing creative leaders of our students.
 Dr. Abandah in his speech to the IEEE Society is a non-global-profit organization for the development and promotion of technology-related information in the world, presenting the activities of the Association in Jordan and student branches actors in Jordanian universities, which are mainly aimed at the development of the youth is able to produce realistic engineering solutions to solve problems the challenges facing society, expressing his thanks to the Yarmouk University for hosting the conference.
The President reviewed the student branch of IEEE at Yarmouk University student Sameh Pettmona see the conference which carried the slogan "You Can", and aims to introduce the Yarmouk University in general and the Faculty of Hijjawi in particular, and its central role in the provision of educational outcomes, the definition of Student Association electricity global electronics engineers and the most important programs, and inform them of the latest technological developments in the world, and highlight some of the problems and challenges faced by recent graduates of engineering colleges and contribute to finding appropriate solutions
The conference included a number of lectures, debates and workshops on energy issues in Jordan, and strengthening the role of women in the engineering sector in Jordan, in addition to enhancing students' skills in the fields of engineering.
Attended the conference, which participated in the conference nearly 250 students from the IEEE from various members of the Jordanian universities, a number of scientific and academic figures and faculty members at Yarmouk University.