In accordance with the university’s strategic plan to prepare students to meet local market needs and equip them with modern science and provide them with appropriate training opportunities, two students, Imad Mansi and Sami Bani Yaseen, of Hijjawi Faculty of Engineering joined (Regis24) company for a period of six months, which is one of the leading companies in software in Berlin. Dr. Bassam Harb, dean of the college, mentioned that this training is the result of partnership agreements concluded between the university and some European companies to train and empoly the college students, with a great support from Hisham Adeeb Hijjawi scientific institution based in Switzerland. He explained that the teaching system in Hijjawi College focuses on the practical side, as is the case in engineering colleges in European universities, which makes training and employment of the college students possible. He added that this cooperation will be expanded to send dozens of college students to Germany for training during the next few months, stressing on the importance of taking advantage of this experience to exchange experiences and improve the educational process and training of college students. He thanked Hijjawi scientific institution for the strong support of academic and training programs in college, which reflected positively on the scientific level of the college graduates.