To the university's vision of the need of communication between the faculty and the student body and in order to achieve the greatest benefit to allocate meetings by academic disciplines, Hijjawi Deanship of the Faculty has organized eight meetings between new students and faculty members in each of the academic departments.

Began a series of meetings, the Department of Architecture on 09.29.2016 followed by weekly meetings of all academic departments of telecommunications engineering and computer engineering, civil engineering, industrial engineering, medical engineering and power and, most recently to meet the electronic engineering department dated 10/30/2016.

It included meetings welcoming words and introductory specialization of the head of the department concerned. Followed by various paragraphs of a number of faculty members Thdtho the exact and specialization for student clubs and scientific confronted with tips for new students and then Ajabo where their inquiries. Permeated every meeting-entertainment included various competitions and Skchat a play presented by the departments concerned students.