The President of Yarmouk University sponsored the opening of the first architectural exhibition "Tasawq", organized by the Department of Architecture at Al-Hijjawi College of Technology.

He pointed out that the architecture that began 1000 years ago did not start arbitrarily, but reflects the human thought and the person who adopts it.

"The presence of the Department of Architecture at Yarmouk University is a great addition and pride of the University," he said, pointing out that the first architectural exhibition reflects the ideas of the students and their professors, stressing that the students are raising the flag of Jordan and building its future under His Majesty King Abdullah II.

In his turn, the Dean of the College, Prof. Dr. Khalid Al-Gharaybeh, said that since its inception, the College has been providing practical engineering education that is directly related to the needs of the community to contribute to building the country and supporting it with qualified technical staff capable of responding to the development of engineering and technological sciences in the world.

He pointed out that the first architectural exhibition of the Department of Architecture comes as a culmination of the efforts made by the students of the department and the faculty members over the last five years. The exhibition includes the achievements of the students of the department from projects carried out in different years of study and characterized by its practical nature directed to the needs of the industrial sector and the needs of society generally.

Al-Gharaibeh stressed that the Jordanian man is capable of accomplishing a lot if given the opportunity and has the right environment, stressing the ability of national educational institutions to provide the society and its various sectors with creative ideas and practical application with Jordanian minds and hands.

For her part, Eng. Salwa Al-Alawneh delivered a speech in which she pointed out that the exhibition is a result of the course of architectural manufacturing, which is the first of its kind at the level of Jordanian universities, where the department produced a set of outputs that were applied on the ground in real dimensions and deserve to participate with the local market, The exhibition also includes various projects from the outputs of architectural design courses, pointing out that the idea of ​​the exhibition is based on reusing the materials that are believed to be not useful and the formation of products that benefit the individual, society and the environment.

During the opening ceremony, Kafafi delivered the honorary shields to the students and faculty members of the exhibition who were divided into four teams, namely the design projects team, the interactive area, the manufacturing projects, and the advertising.

During his tour of the exhibition, Kafafi listened to an explanation of the projects presented and their usefulness and their positive impact on the society. He praised the distinguished level of these projects, which reflects the extent of students' integration and creativity in their field of specialization. Enabling them to be creative and pioneering.

, The opening events were attended by Vice-Rector for academic, administrative, and a number of deans of the faculties, and faculty members of the college and a crowd of students.