From the Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Hijjawi at Yarmouk University, Rana Abul-Haija won the first place and audience choice Award in New York University programming Competition (NYUAD HACHATHON Competition), which was recently held in Abu Dhabi, as part of an international panel of students and experts from various countries.

Student Abul-Haija explained that the application would be used to crowd-source the creation of digital Arabic content from rare books, or archival documents that are not currently accessible or searchable digitally. This development would help to increase the availability of digital Arabic content while providing an opportunity for unemployed or marginalized Arabic speakers to collect points for content submissions which could then be donated or cashed in.

Dr. Abdel-Karim Al-Tamimi (faculty member in the Department of Computer Engineering) mentions that Rana Abul-Haija is one of the excellent students who has been trained and supervised in the Orange Yarmouk Innovation Lab (OYIL), and has already got second place last year in the Orange Developer Challenge for startups in Jordan.