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The department was established in 2013 to award the Bachelor degree of Science in Engineering Technology with a major in Industrial Engineering. The program equips the students with the necessary skills and knowledge with regard to having a successful future career. The department focuses heavily on enabling the students to have the  knowledgebase of all areas related to industrial engineering such as: operations management, systems analysis, operations research, engineering economics, production and inventory control, project management and scheduling, quality, ergonomics, human performance and safety, and manufacturing systems and processes. This enables the students to have a broad flexible career opportunity and explore the new advancements of this engineering discipline where people, technology, systems, business and information meets.  Using its laboratories, the department offers a wide range of practical courses to its undergraduate students; the undergraduate curriculum is continually updated to keep it in-line with the new advancements  in the industrial engineering filed and to provide the required commitment to continuing knowledge and developing skills.

The department is led by 6 highly qualified faculty members (at least two prospective faculty members are expected to join by Spring 2021 ) who are greatly engaged in research which enlightens the spectrum of the continuing development and enriches the teaching experience with new knowledge base and new skills. The research covers the various fields of Supply Chain Management, reliability and maintainability, Renewable Energy, Microelectronics, Data Analysis and Processing, Quality Control and Reliability, Structural Health Monitoring, Modeling and Optimization, Automotive Technology, Design of Experiments. Their research results were published and presented in a number of international journals and conferences. New faculty members are expected to join the department to expand the faculty staff and enrich the teaching experience with new expertise. The department is furnished with two laboratories and an engineering workshop laboratory operated by one engineer and eight technicians. New laboratories are to be established not only to provide the students with a hands-on experience but to furnish the local community and provide new business partnerships and research collaborations. Each year 80-120 students are enrolled on average, currently 350 in total.



  • provide students with innovative learning.
  • help them to achieve excellence during their study.
  • prepare them to become successful leaders throughout their careers and professions.



  • Provide good qualities of teaching, research, and professional practice.
  • Educate students at the undergraduate level of industrial engineering in the fields of engineering management as well Industrial production and manufacturing.
  • Provide services to industry and local society.


Program Educational Objectives

  • IE graduates will possess wide range of practical knowledge in diverse areas in Industrial Engineering to acquire a successful career in the government, regional and global industry and service markets.
  • IE graduates will be continuously developing their skills throughout their careers or pursue innovative scientific research and continuing education.
  • IE graduates will have professional skills, and principles of practice to effectively serve society in a multidisciplinary working environment with awareness of ethical and social responsibilities.
  • IE graduates will appreciate the lifelong learning and acquire the appropriate skills required to acquire leadership positions and use multi-disciplinary teamwork and effective communication skills.
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