Hjjawi Faculty for Engineering Technology is committed to provide safe and secure environment to all staff, faculty, and students at the premises of the department which enhances the experience for all involved in academic and service areas to work actively and creatively without risk of injury, illness and equipment malfunction. Therefore, a risk management policy (in terms of health, safety, and security) is adopted withe the following objectives:

  • Prevent Injury or illness in the department labs.
  • Provide friendly and safe environment for students, staff and visitors in the department.
  • Continually improve the standards of health, safety and personal security to promote an overall safety culture.
  • Do every measure that is reasonably practicable to protect the physical property of the department, staff, students and visitors from theft or sabotage.
  • Integrate health, safety and security into the University’s structures and systems.
  • Ensure compliance with national and international regulatory requirements.

We advise you to look into the DETAILED RISK MANAGEMENT POLICY.