The Hijjawi Faculty for Engineering Technology was established in 1984 through a generous donation from the Scientific Foundation of Hisham Adeeb Hijjawi (SFOHAH) with the aim of producing engineers who have knowledge and practical skills in various areas of engineering and information technology. The Faculty offers bachelor degrees in the following disciplines: Electronics Engineering, Communications Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering, Medical Systems and Informatics Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architectural Engineering, and Industrial Engineering. Moreover, the Faculty offers Masters degree in Industrial Automation, Embedded Systems, Wireless Communications and Electric Power Engineering.

The Bachelor programs at the faculty have been known for their focus on the practical skills of students. The programs offer a four credit hour graduation project, and six month field training at institutions and companies with a student load of 9 credit hours. This field training has resulted in enhancing the chances in finding suitable jobs inside and outside Jordan.

The faculty has 110 faculty members in various disciplines, 45 engineers and technicians, and about 30 potential academic staff who are studying towards their PhD degrees outside Jordan and who are expected to join the faculty as faculty members upon completion of their degrees.

With regards to the infra structure of the faculty, there are currently more than 30 teaching halls, 39 laboratories, 6 computer labs, a video conferencing facility, a career development office and a graduation project showroom.

The student volume has increased in the recent years. Currently, the college has more than 3500 students. The number of graduates of the faculty is over 10,000 engineers who work with various national and international engineering companies. Furthermore, the Academic Entrepreneurship Center of Excellence (AECE) at the faculty was established in 2003 to activate the relationship with industry and services sectors and to provide assistance as well as training to outstanding students. Currently, the center contains 4 industrial research incubators for major international and local companies, and 3 research and development incubators for faculty members in the Department of Computer Engineering.



Towards a distinct faculty of teaching and research exists among 500 best colleges in the world in the various fields of engineering by the year of 2025.



Excellence in teaching, scientific research and community service through the provision of high-quality education in line with the latest developments in various fields of science and engineering, and closely linked with industry as well as various community needs.



  • Provide high-quality education in line with the latest developments in the various fields of science and engineering.
  • Achieve partnership with industry to prepare qualified graduates to work efficiently in this sector.
  • Establish research centers to get familiar with the community needs and work to find effective solutions to these needs.
  • The presence as a strong competitor in the field of scientific research in the world, through the quantity and quality of scientific publications and patents issued by the college.



The college seeks to prepare the graduate to be a good person, loyal to his country and nation, and producer in his community, through a focus on fine-tuning the student's personality, the development of his inclinations, encouraging the aspects of creativity in him, and the development of his moral aspect, which contribute to the preparation of the elites and the leaders of the future.