Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center




Based on His Majesty's vision and guidance to motivate youth, develop their creative abilities and channel their energies towards innovation and creativity, Al-Hijjawi College of Engineering has worked on translating the Royal Vision into the creation of the Academic Entrepreneurship Center of Excellence to embrace creative and innovative ideas. Through activating the relationship with the industry and business sectors, and working to provide an appropriate training environment and incubator creativity.

In view of the importance of promoting leadership and innovation in education and providing students with knowledge, skills and innovations through the strategic plan that transforms challenges into opportunities. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center sought to establish and embrace several incubators and entrepreneurship: the incubator of the Orange Yarmouk creative laboratory, the parallel programming incubator and Hisham Hijjawi Scientific Incubator. In addition to the role of the Center in the administrative side. It seeks to rehabilitate the students technically by holding a number of training courses using the latest technological technology. During the university semester, more than one specialized course is offered to students to enhance their skills and competitiveness in the labor market. The most prominent of these courses are web programming, designing and developing computer games in two and three dimensions, and programming of cellular applications of all kinds as well as Arduino.

In addition to training the newly graduated engineers through the training programs of the Jordan Engineers Association and the Ministries of Labor, Housing, Communications and Information Technology, the Center strives to excel in the development role of the University, not only the Yarmouk students, but also its students and graduates from the local community. The next phase, through the transition from embracing companies and trainees to the stage of incubation of ideas and support and help in marketing through strategic partners.


The center should be a nucleus for spreading the culture of creativity and innovation to entrepreneurship.



Provide the appropriate technical environment and support for creativity in various fields of industry and services and develop preliminary models for products that can be manufactured and marketed commercially.


Tasks of the Center :​

  • Attracting and nurturing creative and innovative students from Al-Hijjawi College of Engineering Technology.
  • Qualifying the students with the necessary knowledge skills.
  • Activate the role of business incubators to make them the first working environment and launch it to the labor market.
  • Strengthening the relationship between the university, industry and the private sector and working on attracting venture capital to finance the production and marketing of creative products for start-ups.
  • Strengthening the relationship with similar national and international centers and institutions.
  • Participating in pioneering projects nationally and internationally.